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Be Kind, Be Safe, Be Responsible And Make Good Choices

Barming Pre-School and Primary School

Be Kind, Be Safe, Be Responsible And Make Good Choices

Term 2 2023 - Our last day of Term 2 is Friday 15th December 2023 and the children come back on Wednesday 3rd January 2023! Tuesday 2nd January is an INSET day :-)
Welcome to Barming Pre-School and Primary School
We are a 2 form entry primary school on the outskirts of Maidstone. It is a co-educational school for children aged 2 to 11 years old. There are currently 416 children on roll.
A Message from the Headteacher
Barming Primary School has so much to offer. Everyone is welcome and children are encouraged to flourish and achieve their goals. Come and find out what we are all about!
Orchard Academy Trust
Barming Primary School is an Academy and is part of the Orchard Trust family of schools. The Trust currently consists of Allington Primary School and Barming Primary School.

Term 4

Term 4

TOPIC TITLE:  Why do people live near volcanoes?



We will be focusing on the Disney Pixar short animation titled "piper"


Our main focus this term will be writing fact files and exploring non-fiction writing by researching one of the animals in the short film to create a fact file. This will include using sub-headings and headings and looking at the difference between fictional writing and non-fiction writing.  We will also be looking at writing a script where we use the facts from our non-chronological report and become experts where they will be interviewed and recorded.  Drama, here we come!  Our last element will focus on writing an acrostic poem about either the Sandpiper bird or the Hermit Crab.  This will be a fun and engaging element and we cannot wait to see what they come up with.




At the beginning of this term we will be focusing on geometry: 2D and 3D shapes. We will be accurately drawing 2D shapes and naming them.


We will then move onto addition and subtraction where the children will be rounding numbers to create an accurate estimation of the answer. We will be recapping how to add and subtract where exchanging and carrying are needed.


Later in the term we will move onto more fraction work. In particular we will be focusing on adding and subtracting fractions.


Finally, we will move onto learning about angles and how to measure them accurately using the correct equipment.


The key times table focus this term will be the 6 times table.  Please encourage your son/daughter to use Times Tables Rockstars; a good knowledge of multiplication is needed throughout the Year 3 Maths curriculum. They can also use Hit the button on this link




In Science, our topic will be Scientists & Inventors. We will be looking at scientists such as Marie Curie and her research into x-rays and how this shaped the future.


We will be researching a variety of different scientists and inventors and exploring how their research shaped the future and challenged the ideas believed before.


We will finish off the topic by writing a fact file about our favourite scientist/ inventor that we have learnt.



This term in Geography, we will be looking at the question: Why do people live near volcanoes?


We will be learning how the Earth is constructed and about tectonic plates and their boundaries. We will learn how mountains are formed, explain the formation and types of volcanoes and explore the cause of earthquakes.


We will then map the global distribution of mountains, volcanoes and earthquakes and consider the negative

and positive effects of living in a volcanic environment and the ways in which humans have responded to earthquakes.





This term our theme will be seeing is believing.


Our key question will be ‘What do I believe about God?’ We will look at what Hindus, Christians and Muslims believe about their God/s and Goddesses. We will explore the idea that for religious people they try to be ‘good with God’, but others think you can be ‘good without God’. We will introduce Humanism and the fact that Humanists and religious people all say they want to live a good life – with or without God.




This term the children will be looking at creating compositions in response to an animation theme: mountains.


The children will learn to tell stories through music and learn how to create their own soundscapes using percussion instruments. They will then create a rhythm to coincide with the telling of a story.  We will also be trying to identify different instruments that are being played at different times, sometimes overlapping each other.  We will learn about crescendos. pitch, timbre as well as trying to put feelings to different elements of music.



In Art, this term our focus will be Sculpture & 3D: Abstract Shape. The children will be learning about 3D structural shapes and learning how to construct 3D shapes. 


They will be looking at abstract sculptures and design and build their own sculptures as well as trying to draw them from different angles.  This unit of work looks like it will be as much fun as the pneumatic toy unit!




Outdoor P.E- Basketball

We will be learning how to dribble, control and pass with the ball. The children will learn how to develop passing and receiving using different techniques.


Indoor P.E – Gymnastics

We be learning how to explore different ways of rolling sideways and forwards. The children will create a short sequence and travel in different pathways using apparatus.



Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE)

The themes for PSHE are –



We will begin this topic with looking at the rights of children and the benefit it has for them. We will explain the responsibilities of adults supporting these rights.


We will then move onto looking at recycling, and how we can support our local community.


How you can support your child’s learning at home:

Listen to them read, ideally 10 minutes daily.

Practise writing with them using cursive handwriting.

Read and spell the Year 3 and 4 common exception words.

Read and write numbers (no reversals!) to 1000.

Count on and back from any given number to 1000.

Practise counting on and back in 3’s, 4’s, 6’s, 8’s and 12’s.

Point out the maths in everyday life. Include your child in activities involving numbers and measuring, such as shopping, cooking and travelling.


Important things to remember:


P.E will be on a Thursday only.


Children will be required to come into school wearing their P.E Kit on this day.


P.E kit should comprise of:

  • Plain black or navy blue shorts, tracksuit pants of leggings
  • Plain house colour t-shirt – no pictures and also no football shirts please.
  • Plain trainers that will not mark the Hall floor.
  • Named water bottles

Please dress according to the weather, as we will do all we can to get out, even if it is a spitting. We will be going outside for our lessons.


Please ensure long hair is tied back.


If your child has their ears pierced, please leave them out on P.E days.


Thank you,

The Year 3 Team

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