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Be Kind, Be Safe, Be Responsible And Make Good Choices

Reception Intake: September 2021 - please see our Virtual Tour, under the About us Tab - Tour of the School. We hope you enjoy!
Welcome to BarmingPrimary School
Barming Primary School is a 2 form entry primary school on the outskirts of Maidstone. It is a co-educational school for children aged 4 to 11 years old. There are currently 411 children on role.
A Message from the Head of School
Barming Primary School has so much to offer. Everyone is welcome and children are encouraged to flourish and achieve their goals. Come and find out what we are all about!
Orchard Academy Trust
Barming Primary School is an Academy and is part of the Orchard Trust family of schools. The Trust currently consists of Allington Primary School and Barming Primary School.

Last Week's Attendance:

  • Reception 97.2%
  • Year 1 99%
  • Year 2 96.9%
  • Year 3 99%
  • Year 4 97.3%
  • Year 5 96.7%
  • Year 6 97.5%
  • Whole School - 97.7%

Year Two



This Music page will showcase all our Music learning

for Year 2.


Take a look :-)

Term 1 - 2020 to 2021

Sounds of Nature


Lesson 1 

WALT - explore how natural objects can be used to create sound.

Today during our Music lesson we went outside and explored natural objects that we found (e.g. twigs, leaves, stones).  We discussed the differences between natural and man-made objects. We found ways of making sounds with the natural objects for example snapping twigs or scraping stones on the ground. Children enjoyed exploring all different sounds they could make. 






Lesson 2

WALT - collect sounds by recording them and begin to understand what sounds look like.

Today we used a voice recording app on the iPad to record the different sounds we made with natural objects. Back in to the classroom we listened to these sounds together. We looked at the shape (waveform) created by the sounds. 

Children then enjoyed exploring the below website which showed a range of sounds and the sound waves they formed.






Lesson 3

WALT - design a musical instrument from nature.

We looked at a variety of real instruments and thought about how the sounds are created. (For example percussion is often struck or shaken; strings are plucked or bowed; woodwind are blown into or across; brass are played with breath and lip vibrations).

We discussed ways of creating sound using natural objects.  We designed our own natural musical instruments. As a class we evaluated the designs based on feasibility and selected a number of designs which we will make next lesson.




Lesson 4

WALT - create a musical instrument from nature.

Today children worked in groups to turn their design into a real instrument.  Children created a list of items that needed collecting.  We went outside to collect the objects needed.  Children enjoyed working together, creating their own natural instruments!






Lesson 5 

WALT - perform as part of an ensemble.

Children used the musical instruments they made last week to perform as part of an orchestra.




Lesson 6

Today as part of 'Black History Month' we learnt all about the music of Bob Marley. We read about his childhood and life growing up in Jamaica. Children really enjoyed learning about reggae music and listening to some of his music. 





Term 2 - 2020 to 2021

Lesson 1: 

WALT: know what an Ocarina is and learn to play the 8 notes.

Today we talked about what an ocarina is and learnt to play the 8 notes using pictures to help us. We practised stopping and starting when asked. We enjoyed experimenting and seeing what different sounds we could make.






Lesson 2:

WALT: remember the 8 notes on the Ocarina.

Today children continued learning the notes A, B, C#, D Low, D Top, E, F# and G on their own Ocarina. We looked at the song ‘Jingle Bells’ and had learnt to play the first line of the song. Everyone tried very hard!



Lesson 3/4 

WALT: make connections between notations and musical sounds.

Children have started to learn the Christmas tune 'Jingle Bells' on the Ocarinas. They have tried very hard to follow the notes, learning each line at a time.




Term 3 - 2020 to 2021
Term 4 - 2020 to 2021
Term 5 - 2020 to 2021
Term 6 - 2020 to 2021