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Barming Pre-School and Primary School

Be Kind, Be Safe, Be Responsible And Make Good Choices

Barming Pre-School and Primary School

Be Kind, Be Safe, Be Responsible And Make Good Choices

Our internet is being turned off any minute now, we hope it won't be down for too long, but unfortunately we have no way of knowing. You will be unable to contact us by email or ClassDojo. For any urgent messages please call the office.
Welcome to Barming Pre-School and Primary School
Barming Primary School is a 2 form entry primary school on the outskirts of Maidstone. It is a co-educational school for children aged 2 to 11 years old. There are currently 416 children on roll.
A Message from the Headteacher
Barming Primary School has so much to offer. Everyone is welcome and children are encouraged to flourish and achieve their goals. Come and find out what we are all about!
Orchard Academy Trust
Barming Primary School is an Academy and is part of the Orchard Trust family of schools. The Trust currently consists of Allington Primary School and Barming Primary School.

Last Week's Attendance:

  • Reception 94.9%
  • Year 1 94.9%
  • Year 2 95.6%
  • Year 3 89.5%
  • Year 4 95.8%
  • Year 5 95.3%
  • Year 6 95.5%
  • Whole School - 94.4%

What our Children think...

Pupil Voice for our Curriculum:


Wednesday 9th May 2018 - Collated July 2018 (Collation in green) 42 returned questionnaires.


As a school we aim to continually review our curriculum and make it more reflective of the children’s interests.


Which of the topics you have ALREADY done in school (in any subject) have you most enjoyed or found interesting?

Dinosaur, Space, Stone Age, Plants and Animals, China, Teddy Bears, Vincent Van Gough, The Victorians, The Romans, Rainforests, WW2, Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Anglo-Saxons, Trojan War, Spy Dog, Power point, RE, Science, History, Mosaics, ICT, Maths, Art, Guided Reading, Light, Newspaper Reports, Materials, Biomes, Ambulances, Poetry, Class debates, Challenging Maths, How to Train a Dragon, Torches, Sound, Jungle Book, Dream Stories, Maths (decimals), Pirates, Artic and Frozen, Wicked Wheels, Space and planets, Forest School, Coasts, Mythical Creatures, Basketball, Great Fire of London, Habitats, Pop-Up Books and Chrome Book work.


Which of the topics you have ALREADY done in school (in any subject) have you least enjoyed or found interesting? Illumination, Rivers, Space, Violins, Hockey, Victorians, RE – Christianity, Fairy Garden Topic – Year 1, Anglo Saxons, PE, Light Project, French, Superheroes, Festivals, First News Comprehension and Judaism.


Which of these would you like to do more of in school? In order of preference

  • Trips and Visits:                                    1111111111111111111111111111111
  • Art activities and Projects:                     111111111111111111111111111            
  • ICT-based Activities:                              11111111111111111111111111              
  • Drama or Performing:                            1111111111111111111111
  • DT Projects:                                          1111111111111111111111
  • Sports Matches:                                    111111111111111111111
  • Science Experiments:                            11111111111111111111
  • Guests and Visitors:                              1111111111111111111
  • Teamwork in Lessons:                           11111111111111111
  • Whole-school Events/Activities:             1111111111111111                   
  • Reading:                                                 1111111111111111       
  • Problem-Solving Activities:                     1111111111111            
  • Music:                                                      111111111111
  • Maths:                                                      11111111111
  • Writing:                                                     11111111111  
  • Independent Research and Projects:      11111111                     
  • Homework Projects:                                11


If you could learn about ANY topics in school, what would you most like to study?

Medieval times, Musicians, Insects, Electricity, Outdoors, Zoo Animals, Cookery, Shakespeare, Mozart, Roald Dahl, J.K Rowling, Inventing, Story Writing, Harry Potter, Singing, Drama, Barming, Artists, Landmarks, Filming, Dangerous Creatures, Flags, Sport, Robots, Football, Swimming, More Outside Learning, Teamwork, More Art, Volcanoes, Aviation, Skateboarding, Albert Einstein, America, Sea Creatures, Body, Solar System, Spanish, Netball, Gymnastics, Money, Water, Yoga, Wellbeing, Egyptians, Rounders, Self, Free Writing, Measuring Maths, Sewing, Baking,  Drumming, Gardening, Cooking, Growing Vegetables,  Astronomy, German, Arctic Animals, Wood work, Coding, 3D Printing, Famous Artists, Underwater, Building Furniture and Super cars.


Improvements the children/parents would like this coming 2018 to 2019:

  • WW2 Trip – Not done in school – A visit – MGGS Tunnels for example? - Trip booked and undertaken
  • Could children eat their pack lunches outside? - We are looking into this for the Summer but there is a cost to this for seating.
  • Repeating of Hockey, Football etc over the years in PE – Adapt our PE Curriculum. - A meeting has been held with PASS (The company we use) and plans have been changed for this year to ensure our PE curriculum better meets the needs of our children.
  • Music needs to be taught more in some classes. - Our Music lead is monitoring this termly.
  • More Forest School - EYFS also do Forest School type activities but this has a cost implication for the rest of the school. Nevertheless, it is being looked in to.
  • Repeating stories (Texts) - Our English Lead Mrs Armstrong has worked with staff to map out texts across the school to ensure this will not happen.
  • A couple of parents have asked if children could do the ‘Mile a day’ - Our PE Leads Miss Locke and Mrs Dyer have looked into this and other ideas too. Look out for our Challenges in the weekly Newsletters.
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