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Be Kind, Be Safe, Be Responsible And Make Good Choices

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Be Kind, Be Safe, Be Responsible And Make Good Choices

Welcome back to Term 6!
Welcome to BarmingPrimary School
Barming Primary School is a 2 form entry primary school on the outskirts of Maidstone. It is a co-educational school for children aged 2 to 11 years old. There are currently 416 children on roll.
A Message from the Headteacher
Barming Primary School has so much to offer. Everyone is welcome and children are encouraged to flourish and achieve their goals. Come and find out what we are all about!
Orchard Academy Trust
Barming Primary School is an Academy and is part of the Orchard Trust family of schools. The Trust currently consists of Allington Primary School and Barming Primary School.

Last Week's Attendance:

  • Reception 94.9%
  • Year 1 94.9%
  • Year 2 95.6%
  • Year 3 89.5%
  • Year 4 95.8%
  • Year 5 95.3%
  • Year 6 95.5%
  • Whole School - 94.4%

Term 6 Social History - Were the 60s the most important decade in the 1900s?

Term 6



Social History - Were the 60s the most important decade in the 1900s?



The music, art, fashion and some key events in the 1960s.


We will be looking at how people lived and comparing it to our experiences today.

This term we will be reading Varjak Paw. Our focus will be recounts, narrative and creating suspense in our writing.


In Guided Reading both classes are reading “I was a Rat” by Philip Pullman.


In Maths we will be starting off with rounding numbers to 10, 100 and 1000. We will cover co-ordinates of four quadrants, pictograms and bar charts. We will be learning about geometry, including acute, obtuse and right angles. 

 We will also be covering division using formal written method, addition and subtraction problems and comparing and rounding decimal numbers.


Please continue to make use of Times Tables Rock Stars and Purple Mash Times Tables. Good knowledge of multiplication is needed throughout the maths curriculum.


In Science we are looking at Living Things and Their Habitats


Pupils should be taught to:

  • Recognise that living things can be grouped in a variety of ways
  • Explore and use classification keys to help group, identify and name a variety of living things in their local and wider environment
  • Recognise that environments can change and that this can sometimes pose dangers to living things.

In Computing we will be looking at effectively using search engines online and how we can use them to find and research information. 


We will be learning about Christianity and the importance of baptism and the church for Christians.


On Wednesday we will do striking and fielding, focusing on throwing, catching and fielding skills. On Friday we will be learning how to play tennis.


Our focus this term will be on safety and the changing body. We will also be covering aspects of first aid and internet safety.