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Be Kind, Be Safe, Be Responsible And Make Good Choices

Barming Primary School

Be Kind, Be Safe, Be Responsible And Make Good Choices

Welcome back to Term 3...We are a GOOD school (Ofsted May 2019) .......
Welcome to BarmingPrimary School
Barming Primary School is a 2 form entry primary school on the outskirts of Maidstone. It is a co-educational school for children aged 4 to 11 years old. There are currently 416 children on roll.
A Message from the Headteacher
Barming Primary School has so much to offer. Everyone is welcome and children are encouraged to flourish and achieve their goals. Come and find out what we are all about!
Orchard Academy Trust
Barming Primary School is an Academy and is part of the Orchard Trust family of schools. The Trust currently consists of Allington Primary School and Barming Primary School.

Last Week's Attendance:

  • Reception 95.5%
  • Year 1 93.1%
  • Year 2 96.1%
  • Year 3 95.2%
  • Year 4 92.8%
  • Year 5 92.5%
  • Year 6 97.7%
  • Whole School - 94.7%

Term 5 Teston

Term 5









This term we are looking at:

  • The River Medway
  • Features of rivers
  • Reading maps
  • Comparing aerial photographs to maps
  • Creating field sketches
  • Making a model of a river valley


Mrs Stockwell-Thompson will be donning her Barbour™ jacket and Hunter™ wellies for our field trip to Teston Country park.






This term we will be reading Varjak Paw. Our focus will be narratives, character descriptions and descriptions of settings.


In Guided Reading Gala class are reading “The Iron Man” by Ted Hughes. Braeburn class will be reading “The Boy Who Grew Dragons”, by Andy Shepherd.




In maths we will be starting off with Multiplication and Division.

We will be making sure that we are really secure with our formal methods.

We will then be focussing our attention on Measures and Geometry.

Please continue to make use of Times Tables Rock Stars and Purple Mash Times Tables. Good knowledge of multiplication is needed throughout the maths curriculum.



In science we are looking at states of matter


Pupils should be taught to:

  • Compare and group materials together, according to whether they are solids, liquids or gases
  • Observe that some materials change state when they are heated or cooled, and measure or research the temperature at which this happens in degrees Celsius (°C)
  • Identify the part played by evaporation and condensation in the water cycle and associate the rate of evaporation with temperature.



In computing we will be investigating shape and control using the programming language LOGO.



We are learning about Judaism. We will be learning about the celebration of Bar Mitzvah and how Jewish children demonstrate their commitment to God. We will compare this with Christianity.




For outdoor PE we are learning Football skills. We will be focussing on passing, shooting, finding space, attacking and defending.



Eat well, live well!

We will be looking at how we can stay healthy by eating well and exercising. We will be learning what foods are good for us and learning about moderation in our diets.