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Be Kind, Be Safe, Be Responsible And Make Good Choices

Barming Primary School

Be Kind, Be Safe, Be Responsible And Make Good Choices

Welcome back to Term 6!
Welcome to BarmingPrimary School
Barming Primary School is a 2 form entry primary school on the outskirts of Maidstone. It is a co-educational school for children aged 2 to 11 years old. There are currently 416 children on roll.
A Message from the Headteacher
Barming Primary School has so much to offer. Everyone is welcome and children are encouraged to flourish and achieve their goals. Come and find out what we are all about!
Orchard Academy Trust
Barming Primary School is an Academy and is part of the Orchard Trust family of schools. The Trust currently consists of Allington Primary School and Barming Primary School.

Last Week's Attendance:

  • Reception 94.9%
  • Year 1 94.9%
  • Year 2 95.6%
  • Year 3 89.5%
  • Year 4 95.8%
  • Year 5 95.3%
  • Year 6 95.5%
  • Whole School - 94.4%

Letters Home


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ParentMail allows parents to pay for trips/school meals/wrap around care.  You will even be able to complete forms that the school sends out (no more printing we hear you cry!) and book your wrap around care places!  All in one simple and easy to use app.


If we have sent you a form, you will have to log in to your ParentMail account on the free app and go to the 'Forms' section to complete.



Academic Year 2021 - 22

Week Commencing 7th June 2022

DateYear GroupForm/EmailSubject
7th JuneSunrise ClassEmailForest School Sessions
8th JuneYear 5Email/FormKent Test Form
8th JuneYear 6EmailActivity Days - Final Details
8th JuneYear 6EmailWaiver Form for The Climbing Experience
9th JuneYear 6Email/FormKent Police Open Day and Form
10th JuneYear 6EmailEnd of Year Dates
10th JuneWhole SchoolEmailHeadteacher Newsletter
10th JuneYear 1-6EmailTermly Year Group Newsletters

Week Commencing 23rd May 2022

DateYear GroupForm/EmailSubject
23rd MayWhole SchoolEmailWraparound Care Voucher Payers
23rd MayYear 5EmailPotential Trip - Parent Contribution Agreement
23rd MayYear 3 & 4EmailFootball ASC Allocations
24th MayYear REmailArts & Crafts Club
24th MayYear 5 & 6 FootballEmailTimings Extension
26th MayYear 6EmailFinal Details for Activity Days
26th MayNew IntakeEmailStory Sessions and Stay & Play
26th MayWhole SchoolEmailHeadteacher Newsletter

Week Commencing 16th May 2022

DateYear GroupForm/EmailSubject
16th MayWhole SchoolEmail/FormAcceptable Use of Technology Policy - Parent/Carer and Learner
17th MayYear 4 & 5EmailNetball Club Allocations
18th MayWhole SchoolEmailGlobal Celebration Day
18th MayYoung VoicesEmailFinal Information!
20th MayWhole SchoolEmail/FormRemote Learner Policy/Agreement
20th MayWhole SchoolEmailHeadteacher Newsletter

Week Commencing 9th May 2022

DateYear GroupForm/EmailSubject
10th MayWhole SchoolEmailContract Dining Company - Survey
10th MayYear REmailPE Kit
11th MayWhole SchoolEmailSports Day Dates
11th MayYear 3 & 4EmailFootball ASC
12th MayYear 4EmailTrip Consent Reminder
13th MayWhole SchoolEmailHeadteacher Newsletter
13th MayFSM FamiliesEmailReconnect E-Cards

Week Commencing 3rd May 2022

DateYear GroupForm/EmailSubject
3rd MayYear 1EmailHead Lice
3rd MayWhole SchoolEmailSchool Pick-ups Health & Safety
4th MayWhole SchoolEmailPhone Line Issues
4th MayYear REmailHouse Colours
6th MayYear 4EmailTrip to Teston
6th MayYear 4 & 5EmailNetball Club
6th MayWhole SchoolEmailHeadteacher Newsletter

Week Commencing 25th April 2022

DateYear GroupForm/EmailSubject
25th AprilYear Groups 1-6EmailTermly Newsletter
26th AprilYear 6EmailSATs Breakfast Club
26th AprilWhole SchoolEmail*Reminder* Open Classrooms
27th AprilWhole SchoolEmailParental Behaviour/Language
28th AprilYear REmailHead Lice
29th AprilWhole SchoolEmailHeadteacher Newsletter

Week Commencing 19th April 2022

DateYear GroupForm/EmailSubject
19th AprilWhole SchoolEmail*Reminder* Pick-up Arrangements
19th AprilYoung VoicesEmailTickets and Rehearsals
19th AprilWhole SchoolEmailEC ASCs
20th AprilWhole SchoolEmailSchool Lunch Menu Change
20th AprilYear 5EmailSwimming Contributions
21st AprilYear 6EmailSATs Breakfast Club
22nd AprilWhole SchoolEmail*Important* Letter from Executive Head
22nd AprilWhole SchoolEmailHeadteacher Newsletter

Week Commencing 28th March 2022

DateYear GroupForm/EmailSubject
29th MarchNurture Group 1EmailForest School Term 5
30th MarchYear 5EmailForest School Term 5, Change of Dates
31st MarchYear 5EmailPuberty Lessons in Term 5 & 6
31st MarchYear 6EmailNon-Residential Activity Days - Payment Information
1st AprilWhole SchoolEmailHeadteacher Newsletter
1st AprilYear 6EmailLeavers Hoodies

Week Commencing 21st March 2022

DateYear GroupForm/EmailSubject
21st MarchYoung VoicesEmailTicket Allocations
23rd MarchWhole SchoolEmailFoul Language on School Site
23rd MarchWhole SchoolEmailChildcare Voucher Bookings Term 5
25th MarchWhole SchoolEmailSchool Disco Information
25th MarchWhole SchoolEmailSchool Reports
25th MarchWhole SchoolEmailHeadteacher Newsletter

Week Commencing 14th March 2022

DateYear GroupForm/EmailSubject
14th MarchYear 4EmailDT Torch Project
15th MarchWhole SchoolEmailOffice Contact
16th MarchWhole School/FSMEmailHoliday Activity Fund/FSM Food Vouchers
16th MarchYear 6EmailTransition to Year 7
18th MarchWhole SchoolEmailCult Status Guitar Lessons
18th MarchWhole SchoolEmailHeadteacher Newsletter

Week Commencing 7th March 2022

DateYear GroupForm/EmailSubject
7th MarchWhole SchoolEmailCan You Help Ukraine?
8th MarchYear 2EmailPhonics Screening Meetings for Parents
10th MarchYear 6Email & FormActivity Days Consent Form
11th MarchWhole SchoolEmailHeadteacher Newsletter

Week Commencing 28th February 2022

DateYear GroupForm/EmailSubject
28th FebruaryYear 1 EmailHead Lice
28th FebruaryYoung VoicesEmailRehearsal/New Schedule
28th FebruaryKS2EmailBook Ordering
3rd MarchYear 6EmailActivity Days Information
4th MarchWhole SchoolEmailHeadteacher Newsletter

Week Commencing 21st February 2022

DateYear GroupForm/EmailSubject
21st FebruaryWhole SchoolEmailEC ASCs from Monday 28th February
23rd FebruaryKS2EmailAuthor Visit
23rd FebruaryYear 5 & 6EmailFootball ASC
25th FebruaryNurture Group 2EmailForest School - Cancelled
25th FebruaryYear 5 & 6EmailFootball Tournament - 2nd March 2022
25th FebruaryWhole SchoolEmailHeadteacher Newsletter

Week Commencing 7th February 2022

DateYear GroupForm/EmailSubject
7th FebruarySpecific PupilsEmailForest School Nurture Group (2)
7th FebruaryYear 5 GirlsEmailMGGS Open Events
8th FebruaryYear R, 3EmailHead Lice
8th FebruaryWhole SchoolEmailPedestrian Crossing petition
8th FebruaryWhole SchoolEmailBook Appeal
9th FebruaryWhole SchoolEmailOpen Classrooms Timings Reminder
10th FebruaryYear 4EmailForest School Dates Postponed
10th FebruaryYear 6EmailSRE Lessons Today
10th FebruaryYear REmailHearing Screening
11th FebruaryWhole SchoolEmailWorld Book Day Vocabulary Parade
11th FebruaryWhole SchoolEmailHeadteacher Newsletter
11th FebruaryWhole SchoolEmailRoad to Recovery from a Pandemic!

Week Commencing 31st January 2022

DateYear GroupForm/EmailSubject
31st JanuarySpecific PupilsEmailForest Group Cancelled
1st FebruaryYear 2EmailSRE Lessons
2nd FebruaryFootball ASCEmailFootball Club Cancelled
3rd FebruaryWhole SchoolEmailWraparound Care Bookings - Childcare Vouchers
4th FebruaryWhole SchoolEmailHeadteacher Newsletter

Week Commencing 24th January 2022

DateYear GroupForm/EmailSubject
26th JanuaryWhole SchoolEmailASC Emails Received in Error
28th JanuaryWhole SchoolEmailHeadteacher Newsletter

Week Commencing 17th January 2022

DateYear GroupForm/EmailSubject
17th JanuaryYear 5EmailCognitive Abilities Test
20th JanuaryYoung VoicesEmailFurther Information on Tickets
21st JanuaryYear 6EmailSRE Provision Preview - Postponed
21st JanuaryWhole SchoolEmailHeadteacher Newsletter

Week Commencing 10th January 2022

DateYear GroupForm/EmailSubject
11th JanuaryFootball ASCEmailFootball ASC Cancelled Tomorrow
12th JanuaryJazz/Williams ClassEmailImportant Covid-19 Advice for Parents
13th JanuaryYear 6Email & FormKings Squad from Monday 17th January
13th JanuaryYoung VoicesEmail & FormYoung Voices 2022 - New Date Announced
14th JanuaryWhole SchoolEmailOpen Classrooms - Postponed
14th JanuaryWhole SchoolEmailHeadteacher Newsletter

Week Commencing 4th January 2022

DateYear GroupForm/EmailSubject
4th JanuaryYear 6EmailTerm 3 Update
4th JanuaryYears 1 - 6EmailSpelling Shed
5th JanuaryYear 5EmailSwimming Lessons
6th JanuaryYear 3EmailForest School - Postponed
6th JanuarySelect GroupEmailForest School Nurture Sessions
6th JanuaryYear 6EmailSRE Lessons
6th JanuaryYear 6FormSRE Lessons Consent Form
7th JanuaryWhole SchoolEmailHeadteacher Newsletter
7th JanuaryYears 1 - 6EmailYear Group Termly Newsletter

Week Commencing 13th December 2021

DateYear GroupForm/EmailSubject
13th DecemberSEN PupilsEmailSEND Newsletter
13th DecemberWhole SchoolEmailMaidstone Lions Defibrillator Project
15th DecemberYoung VoicesEmailConcert Postponed
17th DecemberWhole SchoolEmailElection Results of Parent Governor

Week Commencing 6th December 2021

DateYear GroupForm/EmailSubject
7th DecemberYoung VoicesEmailRehearsals!
7th DecemberYear R, 1 & 2EmailChristmas Production USB Purchasing
8th DecemberYear R, 1 & 2EmailWearing of Face Coverings to Productions
8th DecemberYear 1 & 2EmailCancelled Christmas Production
9th DecemberWhole SchoolEmailWraparound Care Bookings for Term 3
10th DecemberYear 3 & 4EmailChurch Service - Cancelled
10th DecemberWhole SchoolEmailLetter From UK Health Security Agency
10th DecemberWhole SchoolEmailHeadteacher Newsletter

Week Commencing 29th November 2021

DateYear GroupForm/EmailSubject
29th NovemberYoung VoicesEmailCancelled Rehearsal 30th November
30th NovemberWhole SchoolEmailCovid-19 Letter to Parents
1st DecemberFootball ASCEmailCancelled Today!
1st DecemberWhole SchoolEmailKeeping Families Safe Online
1st DecemberWhole SchoolEmailParent Governor Election - Ballot Open
3rd DecemberWhole SchoolEmailHeadteacher Newsletter

Week Commencing 22nd November 2021

DateYear GroupForm/EmailSubject
23rd NovemberYear R, 1 & 2EmailChristmas Production - Ticket Bookings
23rd NovemberYear 6EmailResidential Update
24th NovemberFootball ASCEmailCancelled Today!
24th NovemberWhole SchoolEmailImportant Advice for Parents - Covid-19
24th NovemberYear R, 1 & 2EmailChristmas Production - Ticket Bookings
25th NovemberWhole SchoolEmailImportant Advice for Parents - Covid-19
26th NovemberYear 2, 4, 6EmailSRE Lessons
26th NovemberWhole SchoolEmailHeadteacher Newsletter

Week Commencing 15th November 2021

DateYear GroupForm/EmailSubject
16th NovemberYear 3EmailPayment Reminder for School Trip
17th NovemberWhole SchoolEmailBBC Children in Need
19th NovemberWhole SchoolEmailHeadteacher Newsletter

Week Commencing 8th November 2021

DateYear GroupForm/EmailSubject
9th NovemberWhole SchoolEmailReminder to complete Flu Vaccination Consent
11th NovemberYear REmailFirst Class Photo - Kent Messenger
11th NovemberWhole SchoolEmailCovid-19
11th NovemberWhole SchoolEmailYear Group Term 2 Newsletters
12th NovemberWhole SchoolEmailHeadteacher Newsletter

Week Commencing 2nd November 2021

DateYear GroupForm/EmailSubject
2nd NovemberSelect GroupEmailForest School Nurture Sessions
3rd NovemberYear 5 & 6EmailAfter School Football Club
4th NovemberWhole SchoolEmailParent Consultations - 9th & 11th November
5th NovemberWhole SchoolEmailParent Governor Vacancies
5th NovemberWhole SchoolEmailHeadteacher Newsletter

Week Commencing 18th October 2021

DateYear GroupForm/EmailSubject
18th OctoberYoung VoicesEmailRehearsals 19th October - Cancelled
19th OctoberYear REmailNCMP Hearing and Vision Checks
19th OctoberYear 6EmailHeight and Weight Measurement Checks
19th OctoberSensory CircuitsEmailCancelled Last 2 days of Term 2
19th OctoberWhole SchoolEmailImportant Advice to All Parents - Covid-19
19th OctoberFSM FamiliesEmailFSM Vouchers for Half Term
19th OctoberYear 3EmailWild Times Trip
20th OctoberWhole SchoolEmailReminder of Inset Days
20th OctoberYear 6EmailPG Film Consent
21st OctoberYear 4EmailNew Teacher An

Week Commencing 11th October 2021

DateYear GroupForm/EmailSubject
13th OctoberWhole SchoolEmailWraparound Care Term 2 Bookings Open
15th OctoberYear 5Email11+ Zoom Meeting
15th OctoberWhole SchoolEmailHeadteacher Newsletter

Week Commencing 4th October 2021

DateYear GroupForm/EmailSubject
4th OctoberYoung VoicesEmailRehearsals 12th October
4th OctoberYear REmailLancaster Model Questionnaire
4th OctoberWhole SchoolEmailCult Status Guitar Lessons Cancelled
13th OctoberSensory CircuitsEmailCancelled - Wednesday 13th October
7th OctoberYear REmailHead Lice
7th OctoberWhole SchoolEmailParent Governor Election
7th OctoberWhole SchoolEmailNHS Flu Vaccination Invitation
8th OctoberWhole SchoolEmailTimes Tables Rock Stars!
8th OctoberWhole SchoolEmailHeadteacher Newsletter

Week Commencing 27th September 2021

DateYear GroupForm/EmailSubject
27th SeptemberWhole SchoolEmailDiary Dates 2021-22
29th SeptemberWhole SchoolEmailSchool Photos - Information
30th SeptemberWhole SchoolEmailSchool Office Closure - 3.30pm
1st OctoberWhole SchoolEmailHeadteacher Newsletter

Week Commencing 20th September 2021

DateYear GroupForm/EmailSubject
22nd SeptemberWhole SchoolEmailOwn Clothes Day Reminder - Friday 24th September
24th SeptemberYear 5Email/FormSwimming Records - Update
24th SeptemberWhole SchoolEmailHeadteacher Newsletter

Week Commencing 13th September 2021

DateYear GroupForm/EmailSubject
14th SeptemberYoung VoicesEmailTicket and T-Shirt Ordering
14th SeptemberWhole SchoolEmailPTA AGM
14th SeptemberWhole SchoolEmailQueen's Jubilee - Friday 3rd June 2022
14th SeptemberWhole SchoolEmailHealthy Lunch Poster
16th SeptemberWhole SchoolEmailOutdoor Cinema - Allington Primary
17th SeptemberWhole School EmailReminder - Nut Free School
17th SeptemberWhole SchoolEmailHeadteacher Newsletter

Week Commencing 6th September 2021

DateYear GroupForm/EmailSubject
6th SeptemberAll YearsEmailMeet The Teacher
6th SeptemberWhole SchoolEmailSchool Meal Change
6th SeptemberYoung VoicesEmailRehearsals and T-Shirt Ordering
7th SeptemberWhole SchoolEmailPolite Message from Mr Laker
7th SeptemberSpecific ChildrenEmailForest School
7th SeptemberAll YearsEmailTerm 1 Year Group Newsletters
8th SeptemberYear 1EmailForest School
8th SeptemberEYFSEmailParents Coffee Afternoon
8th SeptemberYear 6EmailKent Test
10th SeptemberWhole SchoolEmailHeadteacher Newsletter

Week Commencing 1st September 2021

DateYear GroupForm/EmailSubject
1st SeptemberSpecific ChildrenEmailSensory Circuits
2nd SeptemberWhole SchoolEmailWelcome Back!
2nd SeptemberWhole SchoolEmailDrop-offs and Pick-ups
3rd SeptemberYear 5 & 6EmailLeaving School Unaccompanied
3rd SeptemberWhole SchoolEmailAutumn Term Menu